VA Loans In Colorado


To all U.S. Veterans past and present – We Appreciate Your Service To Our Country

This Loan Product Is Still One Of
The Best Programs Available

  As the name implies it is only for Veterans, and/or Reservist/National Guard. You can purchase a home with no money down.  If you haven’t used your eligibility before, the funding fee is 2.15% of the loan amount and is financed.  If you’ve used it before the funding fee would be 3.30%. That is if you’re getting a 100% loan and are a Veteran.  The more you put down the less the funding fee.  It is typically .25% more for Reservist/National Guard. Unlike FHA and the Guaranteed Rural Housing loans there is no monthly mortgage insurance.  The Credit guidelines are similar to FHA.  You can typically get in with a 640 credit score.  The total payment to income guideline is 29% and the total payment plus debt guideline is 41%. 

     One area of qualification that is different is called Residual Income.  This is the amount of money you have to live on after paying your house payment plus utilities and other monthly debt.  It varies based on how many are living in your household.  So as usual, it is a good idea to get prequalified.  VA only allows the Veteran to pay certain closing costs.  This typically means the closing costs are less expensive to the Veteran.

These loans are assumable, however in order to get your eligibility back you would want to sell the house to another Veteran who could then substitute his/her eligibility for yours.  In short, if you’re a Veteran and/or Reservist/National Guard and don’t have 20% down, this is the best loan for you.

I can be contacted at:
Rhonda Sherman, Owner
License # 100008357  NMLS # 381084
145 Grand Avenue, Suite B
Grand Junction, CO. 81501

Cell: (970) 250-8613 or (970) 257-1502
Website: Dependable Mortgage Co. (Apply Online 24/7)

For your convenience, Click Here to apply for a VA home loan in Colorado
Regulated by the Division of Real Estate
An Equal Housing Lender

Vietnam Memorial, Fruita, Colorado



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